Employment Notice

Webasto paper support project application and submission guide

The UNIST Research Promotion Team would like to guide you about 『Webasto paper support project』 supported by Webasto Group as follows.

1. Supporting organization: Webasto(Top 100 supplier to the global automotive industry in sunroofs, convertible systems and parking heaters)

2. Outline
A. Application to: Graduate students (regardless of nationality)
※ Academic trainees (including student researchers affiliated with government-funded research institutes) who are working in industries or research institutes are not eligible to apply.
B. Target Papers: Papers that have not been published in domestic and foreign publications (including online) as of February 28, 2022
C. Paper topic
1) Reduce CO2 footprint of components in the Tier 1 supply of the automotive industry (…at the example of a panorama roof).
2) Solar technology in the automotive industry in combination with BEV vehicles (…in the position of the roof system).
3) Customer use cases in autonomous vehicles for entertainment, Infotainment, HMI, for positioning of passengers and consequences for ergonomics and safety (….in reference to panorama roof systems and roof interiors).
D. Schedule (※ The schedule below is subject to change depending on circumstances.)
1) Abstract reception: ~ 2022.01.19
2) Announcement of 1st selection: ~ 2022.01.25
3) Submission of budget execution plan for the first selector: ~ 2022.01.26
4) Finalist Announcement(Preparation for presentation): 2022.02
5) Ceremony: 2022. 02
E. Award
1) Number of selected editions: 3 in total (1 per topic)
2) Research grant: 10,000 Euro per selected abstract is provided as a research grant (tuition budget)
(Available for research equipment, materials, and research activity expenses)

3. Contact & submit to: UNIST Research Promotion Team, Hyeran Park( 1175,

4. Other details: see attached file