Research Centers

선도연구센터 정보
Leading Research Center (LRC)
Director Prof. Hyug Moo Kwon Information
  • Cellular Responses to Metabolic Stress Research Center
  • Supported by National Research Foundation of Korea (Period: 2018-2025, Total support: KRW10,500,000,000)
Participants Profs. Byoung Heon Kang, Chan Young Park, Ji Young Park, Jang Hyun Choi, Ha Jin Kim and Sung Ho Park Center Goals
  • The metabolic stress is the causative factor related deeply to 7 diseases out of the highest 10 death-causing diseases in Korea people. The basic research will provide a groundbreaking clue to develop new treatments.
과기원 공동연구단 정보
Joint Research Group in the Institutes of Science and Technology
Director Prof. Hyug Moo Kwon Information
  • Developing a treatment drug for COVID-19 based on artificial intelligence technologies
  • Supported by Joint Research Group in Institutes of science and technology (Period: 2020-2024, Total support: KRW 5,500,000,000)
Participants Profs. Chan Young Park, Changwook Lee Center Goals
  • Center Goals is to develop the treatment drug for SARS-CoV2 and COVID-19 using artificial intelligence.
중점연구소 정보
Center for Cell-to-Cell Communication in Cancers (C5 Center)
Director Prof. Sebyung Kang Information
  • Supported by National Research Foundation of Korea (KNRF) and Ulsan City (Period: 2018-2027, Total support: KRW 5,900,000,000)
Participants Profs. HyungJoon Cho, Myunggon Ko, Eunhee Kim, Young Chan Chae, Taejoon Kwon, and Semin Lee Center Goals
  • The C5 center’s research focuses on the elucidation of the tumor microenvironment (TME) composed of heterogeneous cancer cells and their complexed neighboring cells including normal surrounding cells and immune cells. The members of the center are collaboratively working on figuring out the fundamental mechanism of the tumor microenvironment and applying our basic knowledge translationally not only to diagnose the caner as early as possible but also to properly control the TME to cure many intractable cancers with newly developed therapeutic candidates.
혈액암 연구센터 정보
Leukemia Center
Director Prof. Hongtae Kim Information Supported by National Research Foundation of Korea,

  • Bio & Medical Technology Development Program(Period: 2020~2024, Total Support: KRW 2,850,000,000)
  • Mid-Career Researcher Program(Period: 2021~2023, Total support: KRW 500,000,000)
Participants Profs. Semin Lee, Sung Ho Park, Jayil Lee, Jang Hyun Choi and Young Chan Chae Center Goals
  • To identify the cause of leukemia at the molecular level and to develop diagnosis and treatment options for this illness