Graduate Program

Mentoring and Professional Development

As a medium-sized department, our faculty can devote themselves to mentoring our students and help them benefit from close-knit training. These benefits include providing our students and post-doctoral fellows training in writing grants and scientific papers, helping them to develop presentation and communication skills critical to science and providing opportunities to teach and mentor undergraduates, all of which will help them become established later as faculty or researchers around the globe.



Financial Support

All successful candidates who enter our department under the government scholarship are guaranteed funding in the form of a monthly stipend. Moreover, their tuition will be covered and national insurance is available to international students for a minimum fee. Please note that UNIST has several different scholarship options and it is best to discuss these with the PI of the lab you are interested in applying.


Interdisciplinary Research

The field of biology is large and dynamic, touching all other areas of science, from chemistry and physics to new materials and energy. As such, our faculty have numerous collaborations with other faculty both here at UNIST, domestically and abroad, and our students have traveled overseas for internships and to conduct research. Take the opportunity to expand your scientific horizon by joining an interdisciplinary project. and maybe you also will have the chance to see the world while pursuing your passion!


Supportive Research Environment

Our department, and UNIST on the whole, boasts some of the best equipment nationwide in our numerous core facilities and all of it is available for you to use when exploring your research topic. Moreover, the core facilities are manned by experts and these UNIST members will teach you how to use the instruments. Seek out your creativity and expand your project while also buffering up your CV as you learn new skills!



As soon as you step foot on UNIST’s campus, especially within our department, you will be joining our community. Our department currently has 21 full-time professors and 25 adjunct professors, most of whom are still young. Our goal is to foster and prepare you for a the journey ahead by providing a dynamic environment with lots of opportunities to grow and learn. Take a moment and look at the profiles for each of our faculty, reach out to us and take that first step to achieving your goals!



Although we cannot look into a crystal ball and tell you how you will succeed, we will support you even after you have left UNIST. Graduates from the PhD program have moved on to take post-doctoral, academic or industry positions all over the world. Some of our alumni are currently working in Antarctica, as research directors in U.S. hospitals and universities and even members who have founded their own companies. The question you should be asking is “Where do I want to be in ten years?”


The Department of Biological Sciences is here to help you realize those dreams!

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