Date Division Title Attach
2022-08 09
Seminar BIO Special Seminar (8/9, 10:30~)
10:30 Bldg.110 N102 Prof. Hae-Ryung Park(University of Rochester)
2022-03 31
Colloquia Disruption of amphetamine sensitization by alteration of dendritic thin spines in the nucleus accumbens
16:00 online only Jeong-Hoon Kim
2022-03 24
Colloquia Antibody analysis in the viral infection
16:00 online only Sung-Gyoo Park
2022-03 17
Colloquia Virus-assisted mapping of stress circuits
16:00 online only Eun Jeong Lee
2021-12 09
Colloquia Dopamine signaling for susceptibility to drug seeking
16:00 online only Joung-Hun Kim
2021-11 02
Colloquia EGF Receptor Signaling in a Single Molecule Level
16:00 Bldg.110 N104 & online Sung Ho Ryu
2021-11 25
Colloquia Social isolation impairs the prefrontal-nucleus accumbens circuit subserving social recognition in mice
16:00 online only Yong-Seok Lee
2021-11 18
Colloquia Decoding molecular logic underlying locomotor circuit development
16:00 Bldg.110 N104 & online Myungin Baek
2021-11 11
Colloquia Strategic approaches for immune regulation: from basic to applied biological science
16:00 online only Cheol-Heui Yun
2021-10 28
Colloquia Microbial metabolites in type 2 diabetes and responses to metabolic interventions
16:00 online only Ara Koh