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Integrated Cancer Microfluidic Diagnostic System toward Comprehensive Cancer Diagnosis



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Seung-min Park, Ph.D (UC Berkeley, Stanford University)

Seminar / 2014 Feb. 11th 03:00pm / EB1-E104



Devising structures at the micro/nanometer scale to match most conventional biological processes enables new opportunities for investigating those processes at the cellular and molecular level. With advancing technological capabilities and understanding towards the function of biomolecules, we can provide new ways of exploiting and incorporating active biomolecules in labs-on-a-chip for cancer diagnosis. As such, it is critical time for us to solve the problems of current qualitative biomedical approaches and healthcare systems toward cancer diagnosis by harnessing the present pace of technological advancement. In the first part of talk, I will present microwell based single cancer cell analysis for possible translation on circulating tumor cells (CTCs), obtained via liquid biopsy. In the second part of the talk, I will discuss Integrated Cancer Microfluidic Diagnostic Systems (iCMDx) by analyzing circulating biomarkers for preventive personalized medicine toward effective cancer diagnosis. In summary, I will share my vision for the convergence of science, engineering, and medicine to transform life sciences as well as finding the solutions for translational medicine and low-cost healthcare systems.