• Introductory of the graduate department

    Provide researchers with the best facilities and unique and dynamic research environment

    Thank you for your interest in Biological sciences graduate school. Our department provides the best facilities and research conditions for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. It provides a very creative and dynamic research environment. Our department fosters a future creative researcher with world-class research capabilities. The goal is to put them in charge of pivotal dynamics in academia and industry. UNIST and our department of studies have been working on the graduate program of SLS in a short time. We want to grow into a program that can compete with the nation's top universities and even the world's most prestigious universities, in the field of life sciences and biotechnology. We continue to strive to provide the best programs in the world.

    Our graduate school provides a unique research environment through the convergence of expertise in the field of life science. Graduate students, as soon as you enter the school, We will participate in the individual professors' labs and conduct original research. Our department currently has 21 full-time professors and 25 adjunct professors. He's here. The excellence of the faculty is proven through papers published in the most popular magazines such as Science and Nature and various awards. of individual professors. You can get the information you want by referring to 'People' on our homepage for your research topic and experience.

  • Postgraduate life information

    Operate master's and doctoral programs, and also integrate master's and doctorate courses

    Our graduate school runs a master's and doctoral programs, and also an integrated master's and doctorate courses. In the case of a master's degree, most students complete a two-year math period. The Ph.D. program takes at least 2 years. For the master's and doctorate integration process, a period of about four years is typically required. All the students. To concentrate on your studies and research, you will be paid some of the living expenses, including tuition and dormitory fees. The study of the graduate program is based on the selection of an advisor. It's done in that research group. The choice of a tutor is made according to the student's will and is selected at the same time as the student enters the school. The students in the undergraduate department. Internships during the semester (including summer and winter seasonal semesters) so that you can experience the research environment of UNIST and the research of professors in our department in more detail. Run the course.

    Our graduate school requires students to complete a certain curriculum.

    - Master's and Ph.D. students must complete two or more core subjects within six semesters to complete a graduate program with a score of A- or higher. You can continue to complete the course.
    - In addition to the required subjects, we are required to complete various elective courses.
    - Graduate school students are required to participate in the education of undergraduate students in order to foster future generations of study.

    * Mandatory Testing Assistant: At least once for a master's degree, at least twice for a Ph.D., and at least three times for a master's degree.