• An undergraduate course

    Admission to a UNIST undergraduate program

    UNIST provides admission to 369 outstanding students every year. Among the students who entered the school, except for the management section, they majored in their major during the second semester. You can choose. Entrance students will receive various scholarship benefits such as science and engineering scholarship and UNIST scholarship from the university. undergraduate admission For related inquiries, please go to the UNIST Admissions Office.

  • Postgraduate course admission

    Recruitment of Master's, Ph.D., Master's and Master's and Doctor

    Unist Graduate School recruits master's, doctoral and master's and doctorate integration courses. The application for the graduate program is on time, and the detailed schedule is on the admissions office's website. You can check it. Applicants are limited to those who have earned bachelor's degrees (m.A.s. integrated master's and doctorate) or master's degrees (doctoral courses). an applicant for a master's and doctorate course. If so, no additional master's degree is required. When applying for graduate school, you must have documents, transcripts, and certified English transcripts to prove your degree. You have to submit it. For more information, please refer to the entrance examination guidelines on the admissions office website. Contact with individual professors must be made in connection with admission to graduate school courses. It's not necessary. However, students who are interested in individual professors' research and laboratories can ask questions. admitted to the UNIST All graduate students receive scholarships from the university. If you'd like to enroll in the Life Sciences Department, you'd like to ask questions to the undergraduate graduate student recruitment committee. You can inquire.