We continue to expand the latest research facilities and to build new labs in order
Biological Sciences Faculties and graduate students to conduct world-class research.
Some of the current facilities are as follows.
Ultra centrifuge, Moflo XDP Ultra Workflow system (FACS, Sorting), High speed/throughput Real Time PCR System, Film developer, ELISPOT reader, Gel documentation system, In-vivo electroporator, Ice maker, Solid phase extraction system, Table top reseach anesthesia system, Biomolecule purification system, UV/VIS Spectrophotometry system (Nano drop), Gas Chromatograph System, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph System, DNA Thermarcycler (PCR), Image Analysis System (Gel doc), Digita Fuzzy-Controlled Autoclaves-steam Sterilizer(Autoclave), SPR Analysis System, Concentrator, Bioanalyzer, 3-D Modeling machine, etc
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    UNIST Optical Biomed Imaging Center

    State-of-the-art imaging equipment including Super Resolution Microscopy, Total Internal Reflection Microscopy, and Laser Capture Microdissection are provided with dedicated expert staff who provide technical assistance.

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    In Vivo Research Center

    Small animals facility with conformation to the top international standards to allow exchange of valuable animals strains with leading institutions around the world. Services include embryo transfer, strain preservation, and a variety of in vivo imaging and behavior analyses.​